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Active ID designs and develops scalable and customized RFID infrastructure solutions. We help partners all over the world realize the full potential of RFID systems by maximizing Return On Investment and reducing Total Cost of Ownership. Envoy, Active ID’s RFID Platform, is at the core of many demanding RFID deployments worldwide. Envoy provides organizations with the tools needed to effectively upgrade their existing business processes offering more automation, efficiency, and visibility throughout the operation in real-time.


Envoy 200

Envoy 200

Envoy 200 is a small form factor industrial appliance
Supports up to 32 readers, 128 external devices and more than 3,000 tags read per second
Envoy 300

Envoy 300

Envoy 300 is a 19'' rack mount appliance
Supports up to 256 readers, 2048 external devices and processes more than 10,000 tags read per second


Embedded in ALR-F800-X and ALR-F800-X2 readers
Emissary is a joint venture with Alien Technology
Supports up to 9 readers, 128 external devices and more than 1,000 tags read per second


The Envoy Support Portal is the one stop to access the Envoy's support tools and updates. The portal provides the latest manuals, documentation videos, API references and SW releases.


Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

We can help you transform your vision into action. By combining your ideas and vision with our technical and managerial experts, we will create your project plan by performing business process re-engineering exercises considering always the cut of unnecessary operational costs and the optimization of your company's workflow.
R&D and Design

R&D and Design

We are constantly looking for new and improved solution designs. This has often led us to experiment with special station designs and other complimentary technologies such as Computer Vision (CV) and special sensors alongside UHF/RFID. We don't shy away from technically challenging projects and seek instead to enhance our knowledge from them as much as possible.
Integration & Roll-out

Integration & Roll-out

We are experts in planning and executing optimal project roll-outs. Whether you are deploying 10 stations or rolling out RFID in hundreds of facilities, we can help you create your roll-out plan and guide you during each phase of the process for an optimal deployment plan.



845 Embedded Way, San Jose
CA 95138

+1 (408) 782 3900